On Facebook and MySpace

Keeping up with the Joneses was easy in the good ole’ daze.  New car?  New pool? New furniture? That was nothing compared to keeping up with friends and family on social connection sites. The world of technology, aimed to make life easier, just makes it more and more complicated.

Now, all my friends are on Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube. My life is organized there. Friends write poetry, music, novels, and their RSS feeds link to my site. Now my own blog is linked in.

Read it all, then write your comments. And look at the pictures. Then comment on those, too. Post your events, and reply to your invitations. Watch the video dog tricks, the children play, and listen to a few iLike favorites.

I have one page for friends. One for work and career. One for my E-bay store (yet to come). And a page for a group. I have four e-mail accounts: home, work, Gmail for general use, Yahoo for less frequent use.  No wonder I’m up until midnight online.  As comedian Tracy Ullman says at the end of her shows: Go Home Go Home.   Good Night.


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